Custom Basketballs

Order custom printed basketballs with your logo. Personalized basketballs ae useful for schools and basketball camps to promote their brand.

Pricing below includes your one-color logo. The logo will not chip off with play. The logo is vulcanized into the rubber during the manufacturing process. Opposite side printing of the same logo is free.
Minimum Order: 100 basketballs
Lead-Time: 120 days
PMS Color Matching: FREE
Opposite Side Printing of the same logo: FREE
Virtual Sample: FREE


BBR-79.5″ Official Men’s Basketball (29.5”)13.1012.8212.7212.5212.4211.92
BBR-69″ Intermediate Women’s Basketball (28.5”)13.0212.8212.7212.5212.4211.92
BBR-58.5″ Junior Basketball (27.5”)12.9812.7712.6812.4712.3611.77
BBR-37″ Mini Basketball (22”)11.5711.3710.9710.6710.4210.12
BBR-25″ Kids Basketball (15.7″)11.4211.2410.8210.5410.279.97
BBR-14″ Micro Basketball (12.5”) 11.1710.9710.6710.5210.129.62

Multi-Color Printing: No extra charge
Screen Set-up: $120.00
Run Charge: None


BBS-79.5” Official Men’s Basketball  (29.5”)17.1216.9216.6716.4216.1815.37
BBS-69″ Intermediate Women’s Basketball (28.5”)17.0716.8716.1215.8715.4715.07
BBS-37″ Mini Basketball (22”)14.6614.1713.9213.6613.4213.17

Screen Set-up: $120.00
Deboss Set-up: $250.00
Run Charge: First color included. Additional colors are $0.25 per color/ball
The Ball Factory sells personalized basketballs with your logo printed onto each basketball. These promotional basketballs are available with a low minimum order of 100 balls. Our custom basketballs are available in any color of your choice. You choose the panel and seams colors. The above pricing includes a full-color imprint. All colors should be indicated by PMS color number. The balls are shipped deflated. The packing is 25 balls per shipping box.
Rush service is available. The lead time for production is reduced to 45 days. The Rush Charge is actually the cost of shipping the balls by air freight from our factory in China.